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Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Civil



Student: Jonas Deman (ist177376)
State: Evaluated
Title: Building control systems and technical control activities in Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and France
Summary: In the European union, building regulations and technical control activities should guarantee that newly built or existing buildings are safe, healthy, environment friendly and comfortable for users and visitors. To ensure this, an appropriate system of building control is essential. In Europe, authorities operate building procedures to assure basic construction quality, and to verify that new buildings are appropriate to the location in which they are to be built. In many European countries, private and public organizations play an important role in conducting building plan checks and site inspections to ensure compliance with public regulations.
This dissertation describes the accreditation of technical control activities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and France. The legal and technical frameworks of technical control activities of each country are as well explained. The dissertation compares the building control systems of four European countries and is focused on the regulatory framework, plan approval, main control activities, different missions, the purpose of technical control and construction control system. The information was organized in thematic tables in which the countries are discussed. In addition to the comparison, there are two case studies. Information about technical inspections in Belgium is presented in case study one. The second case study is about technical control carried out by the municipalities in the Netherlands.
Keywords: Building control, Technical control activities, Building regulations, Accreditation, technical inspection


Date of Discussion: 23-07-2013 11:00



Name: Nuno Gonçalo Cordeiro Marques de Almeida
Category: Professor Auxiliar
Affiliation: Departamento de Engenharia Civil, Arquitectura e Georrecursos (DECivil)


Name: Margarida Enrech Casaleiro Proença
Category: Especialista
Affiliation: Profissional Liberal


Building control systems and technical control activities in Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden and France, Jonas Deman, 2013,

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