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Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Civil



Student: Thomas de Decker (ist177374)
State: Evaluated
Title: Building control systems and technical control activities in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom
Summary: Building regulations exist in every country of the European Union in order to keep a required level of housing. To make sure that the interested parties comply with these regulations a building control system is necessary. There are different types of building control systems but in almost every country the local authorities play an important role. The building sector went through some changes during the last decades. In many European countries a privatization of  building control took place. However there are differences from country to country; for regarding the way of appointing or accrediting a private body. Previous research projects, which are discussed in the second chapter of this master dissertation, expected a converge of the European systems or even the introduction of a uniform system. This master dissertation presents a comparison of different building control systems and the evolution until 2013. The comparison focuses on the legislation, the technical requirements, the technical control activities and the execution of inspection of building regulations in the following countries: Belgium, Germany, UK England and Wales, UK Northern Ireland and UK Scotland. With the aim of explaining technical inspection in a more practical way a case study about the Belgian insurance-based control system is also presented.
Keywords: Building control, Technical inspection, Building regulations, Technical requirements, Private building control


Date of Discussion: 23-07-2013 09:00



Name: Nuno Gonçalo Cordeiro Marques de Almeida
Category: Professor Auxiliar
Affiliation: Departamento de Engenharia Civil, Arquitectura e Georrecursos (DECivil)


Name: Margarida Enrech Casaleiro Proença
Category: Especialista
Affiliation: Profissional Liberal


Building control systems and technical control activities in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom, Thomas de Decker, 2013,

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